Green coffee

Are you looking for green coffee that can be traced back to its origin? Buy your green coffee from Pure Africa. We establish direct relationships with coffee cooperatives in Africa. The aim is to pay farmers a fair price and let them invest in their plantations.

Green coffee

Ordering starts from one bag of 60kg. From cooperatives in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda we keep stock in The Netherlands. It’s also possible to place a pre-harvest order to assure you get the coffee most fresh. Please fill the form below if you’re interested to receive the stock and price list.

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Order process

The minimum order is 60kg. When ordering a bigger quantity the price usually gets down. There is also the possibility to pre-order, then we reserve container space for you. It works well if you want to be sure to get delivery from a certain cooperative that you like.

Pay a fair price for green coffee

The coffee market is not transparent. When we started Pure Africa it was hard to find out from which area in a country we bought coffee. Through speculation green coffee can easily switch owner ten times before the beans end up in de the roaster. Speculative traders make a lot of money out of this practice, leaving the farmer with a payment below subsistence levels.

But that can be changed. Pure Africa establishes direct relations with coffee farmers. We know who grows our coffee and visit plantations regularly. Together with cooperatives we calculate their production cost and then make sure we pay a profit margin on top of it. Farmers receive a decent pay and there is money left to invest in quality improvement. And because we buy coffee every year the improved quality also benefits us.

Everyone in our chain should be profitable. To us that is the normal way to go. That’s why we don’t mind at all to share with you the prices we pay to farmers cooperatives.