At Pure Africa, our core business is to provide your office with great tasting coffee and good coffee machines. Our focus is on offices where 10 to 500 people work at the same time. We deliver coffee to your office anywhere in the EU and can service coffee machine in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our staff speaks English and we are pleased to work with people from different background who don’t speak Dutch.

Fully or semi automatic coffee machines

The most chosen office solution is to buy a fully automatic coffee machine. It provides good coffee, is easy to use and easy to clean. But we notice there’s a trend towards semi automatic coffee machines for office use. When making your coffee with a semi automatic coffee machine you will definitely enjoy an even richer taste. Yes, it is harder to learn how to make coffee, but once you master the technique it is not that hard at all.

Order coffee from your B2B account

After you’ve chosen Pure Africa it will be easy to order coffee. You’ll get an account on our website and start ordering your preferred coffee. When you order before 8 PM we deliver it to your office the next work day. Necessities such as cleaning tablets, tea and sugar can be ordered at the same time.

Fair coffee at your office

At Pure Africa we like a good coffee machine. But we are even more enthusiastic coffee fanatics. All our coffee is sourced from Africa. To be more precise: from Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. East Africa is the place where coffee originates from. The taste of African coffees is sophisticated, smooth and rich. Our coffee from Burundi grows on volcanic soil, which gives it a distinct earthy taste.

Coffee farmers are in a dire situation. They have been underpaid for decades. One of their burdens is the pre-finance to harvest. They pay average interest rates of 25%. At Pure Africa we aim to take away that burden. We invest €1 into microcredit for every kg of coffee we sell. So, besides drinking good coffee at your office you also support a more fair situation for coffee farmers.

Maintenance for your office coffee machine

When you lease a coffee machine (available in The Netherlands and Belgium) we take care of maintenance. Many questions can be answered on the phone. If that’s not possible we’ll send out one of our technicians to solve the problem.

We offer maintenance subscriptions for purchased coffee machines. In any case, you can always contact our customer support.

Pure Africa import coffee for offices from Africa
We import coffees from Africa

Our customer support desk is ready

Whenever you have questions, whether it’s about the coffee, cleaning the machine or a delivery issue, just contact our support desk. We’ll be happy to assist you. Our approach is that an office coffee machine should be a pleasure to use and we are happy to help you out when there is an issue.

Choose between buying or leasing your coffee machine

You can choose to just buy your coffee from Pure Africa. But we also offer you the option to buy or lease a coffee machine from us and combine it with coffee. The advantage of owning your coffee machine is that this is the most cost effective option. When choosing to lease a coffee machine for your office you are sure to choose the most convenient option as we take care of maintenance and regular supply while you don’t have to invest.

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