about us

It was love at first sight. Ando (one of our founders) took coffee from Ethiopia, the country where he lived for a while. After tasting the coffee Ando and Justus (the other founder) decided to sell coffees from Africa in Europe.

Social entrepreneurship

Because we are interested in more than just profit we naturally started to think about our social purpose right from the start. The biggest progress is to be made by the farmer. Once you've seen how farmers in Rwanda live you will know they receive unsustainable prices for their coffee. We like to take matters into our own hands and want to measure what we do. Hence we couldn't give money to a big organisation.

So we wanted to do it in a small and started to invest into micro loans for coffee farmers. We believe in entrepreneurship because people sign up for a loan and take risks to improve their income. Since then we invest €1,- out of every sold kilogram into micro loans.

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Because it's fun

Going to Africa, visiting coffee farmers and find out about opportunities to cooperate is fun. Just like placing a high quality coffee machine that makes people happy. What drives us is to build up relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Pure Africa invests in micro loans

We believe in the strength of entrepreneurship. Pure Africa aims to make a positive impact.

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