10/04/2020 - Microkredieten

Vénuste Ndimukaga | coffee plantation | € 1000

The monthly earnings of Vénuste are around € 100,-. This also depends on the season because he only grows coffee. From March till June his income is higher, the rest of the year it’s less. Next to coffee Vénuste grows cassava and beans. This crop mainly feeds his family. The loan will be invested in a coffee plantation since it is the crop that earns him an income.

Vénuste Ndimukaga | coffee plantation | € 1000

Loan May 2018

The day before we visit Vénuste he just learned that his request to get a loan was approved. Because of this he will save € 400,-  on interest in 2 years time. That is a big amount of money when imagining his average income is € 100. Nice detail: Vénuste requested the loan because he heard from it through Mutemberezi, one of the other farmers in the area with a Pure Africa loan. By this loan Vénuste expects to increase his income with €50 per month. It sounds modest but is a 50% improvement. His plantation looks healthy, that of a true coffee farmer. Based on our experience with other farmers, it should be possible to double the income. We are going to keep an eye on it.

Big family

Many people depend on Vénuste. His own family consists of himself, his wife and 7 kids. But he also takes care of four children of his brother who passed away a few years ago. This seems a tough job with his monthly earnings of around a  € 100,-. He earns some extra money through renting out a house in the village where he lives.

Update September 2018

After 4 months Venuste paid the first € 20,- interest and he payed of € 20,-. And he only recently got his loan, so so far so good. During a next visit we will find out if the harvest has improved because of the loan. 

Update April 2020

Vénuste has now paid back half of the loan. We expect he will repay the other half this year after the coffee harvest season. It promises to be the best harvest in years.

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