Box Pure Africa direct trade coffee beans | 8 x De Waaghals 1 kg

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A spicy coffee with an important story. De Waaghals is a blend of two coffees from Rwanda. The balance between the two coffees ensures a full, spicy taste and a long aftertaste.

We purchased De Waaghals directly from the cooperative and paid a 45% profit premium to the farmers. By working together with the farmers, they can invest in their plantation and we keep tasty coffee that has been honestly purchased.

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Direct trade coffee beans = Fair coffee

The basic principle of De Waaghals is that we calculate the cost price together with the coffee farmers and pay a profit premium on top of that. Only in this way can we be sure that the farmer will actually earn something by selling his coffee.

By ensuring that the coffee farmer continues to earn enough, he will gladly continue or even expand his plantation. Currently, too little is paid for coffee.

Spicy coffee with an intense aftertaste

De Waaghals is a blend of two direct trade coffees from Rwanda. 53% of the coffee beans come from eastern Rwanda and 47% from the west. Combining these two coffees creates a nice balance. Spicy and soft are combined into a coffee that is full of flavor and at the same time not bitter.

The coffee from the East has become a very pronounced coffee through years of cultivation. We have never seen a plantation in Rwanda that looks so good. In addition, farmers only have to travel a short distance to the coffee washing station. This improves the quality of the coffee.


As an espresso, De Waaghals is slightly acidic. That’s what we often look for, an espresso is nice when it is slightly acidic, while we want to prevent the coffee from being acidic. If we find that balance between espresso and a regular cup of coffee, we have found the perfect blend.

Box of coffee beans

When you drink coffee in the office, you want a taste that many people like. It is therefore important that the coffee is formulated in such a way that it is full of taste but does not become too strong. Thus, De Waaghals is a very suitable coffee for the office.

Coffee machine settings

Do you find the coffee not strong enough or bitter? Then try changing the settings of your coffee machine. The best way to make an adjustment is to adjust the grinder. If you want stronger coffee, you can make the grinder a degree finer, if you want less strong coffee, you can make the grinder a degree coarser.