De Waaghals coffee beans 1kg

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A direct trade coffee from Rwanda in a 50/50 blend of two coffee cooperatives.

  • pay farmers a fair $5 per kg instead of the $2 world market price
  • invest €1,- per kg into microfinance for coffee farmers

We ship your coffee within EU & UK.

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This is a direct trade coffee from Rwanda. It’s a 50/50 blend of two coffee cooperatives we work with directly. They receive a fair price for their high quality coffees.

A perfect blend

Rwanda is known for its coffees with soft tones and fruity body. With 50% coffee from the Sholi cooperative we have this typical Rwandan taste. The other half of the coffee is stronger. The Juru cooperative is located in the lower lying east of the country where the soil is different and this is reflected in the taste. The more spicy and chocolate like tones in De Waaghals are from the Juru coffee.

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