De Wildebras coffee beans | Rwanda 1kg

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Are you an adventurer? De Wildebras means wild boy in Dutch. We gave him this name because the Djimmah coffee bean grows in the wild in Ethiopia.

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This coffee is known for its spicy and mocca tones. The aftertaste comes with notes of wine and nuts. It is a very pleasant coffee because it does not have very dominant tones, but is balanced. De Wildebras is the only coffee that grows in the wild and is at the same time of good quality. Its body is not as strong as De Allemansvriend or De Bergkoning.

Djimmah region in Ethiopia

The area where De Wildebras grows is one of the most well-known coffee regions among coffee experts. Many high scoring coffees originate from the Djimmah area in Ethiopia. No wonder because Ethiopia is also known as the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopians tend to call this coffee wild and untamed. Its an exciting, wild bean.

Low on cafeine

When coffee grows on high altitudes there is less cafeine in the bean.