Sample pack Pure Africa coffee beans 5 x 500 grams

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Try Pure Africa’s big five! High quality coffees from Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia.

Buy a sample pack and invest €2,50 into micro loans for coffee farmers in Africa. It will help them to expand their plantations and increase harvest.

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Are you looking to try some new coffees? Our Pure Africa sample pack contains 5 bags of 500 gram coffees. Three coffees originate from Ethiopia, one from Rwanda and one from Burundi. East Africa is the birthplace of coffee. It’s soil, elevation, temperature and weather conditions are perfect to grow the best qualities of coffee.


In the past decade the attention for high quality coffee has grown significantly. This is the case on the buyers side but also on the producers side. Better coffee prices for a few cooperatives has increased practices and hence quality. There’s still a lot of work to do to enhance quality further and to pay famers a better price. But we are definitely on the right track to a more fair and sustainable coffee supply chain.

The coffees

Every single of the five coffees in this sample pack has its unique taste. This is the result of weather circumstances, soil and farmer practices. It is a matter of taste which coffee will turn out to be your favourite. So, its best you just try. Here’s a short summary on each coffee:

  1. Wildebras wild and spicy
  2. Allemansvriend full body and fruity
  3. Bergkoning top quality and deep chocolate taste
  4. Waaghals full body and nutty
  5. Vurige Krijger volcanic soil and spicy taste

The coffee beans sample pack contains 500 grams of each coffee. With 500 grams of beans in a bag you can make over 50 cups of coffee.


Ever since we founded Pure Africa in 2012 we have been wanting to make a positive impact on the coffee supply chain. From the beginning we invest €1,- out of every kilogram of coffee sold into micro loans. Loans of up to €1.000,- to coffee farmers so that they can increase their plantations, buy coffee trees and grow their income.

Buy a coffee beans sample pack and invest €2,50 in micro loans to coffee farmers.

Direct trade coffee

The only way to know what you pay to a coffee farmer is to conduct direct trade principles. When there is a third party in between the farmers gets paid less. That’s why we started an importing business in 2017. This business aims to calculate cost prices with coffee cooperatives and then pay a premium on top of that. This way we make sure that everyone in the chain makes a profit out of the coffee we sell in The Netherlands.

De Waaghals is the first direct trade coffee in this sample pack. We are working to make all our coffees direct trade in the future.

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