Jura GIGA X8c aluminium black

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  • Capacity: 200 cups of coffee a day
  • 3 year lease € 169,- per month
  • 5 year lease € 129,- per month
  • Full service maintenance included

Drink fair coffee at the office. Read more about the impact Pure Africa aims to make.

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Do you need a real powerhouse at the office? The Jura Giga X8c aluminium black easily makes 180 cups of coffee a day. You have no fewer than 29 coffee options. The double grinder makes sure you only need half the time to grind the amount of coffee for a cup of coffee. Another advantage is that you can use two different tastes of coffee. 


Fixed water connection

The machine standard goes with a fixed water connection, but is also available with a water tank. As a Jura Professional Dealer we come by to install the machine. We also take care of the maintenance of the machine. It goes without saying that we only leave when the taste of coffee is perfect. 


Leasing of the Jura Giga X8c aluminium black

It is possible to lease the coffee machine. For the fixed amount of € 199,- a month (excluding VAT) you can lease this machine. At Pure Africa we prefer to rather built on a strong relationship than long contracts. Therefore you can end you contract after six months with 1 month notice.


Jura Giga X8c – for 30-70 coffee drinkers a day

Do you need coffee for 30 till 70 employees? This machine is the perfect choice. Are there more people working in your company, no problem, put 2 machines on 2 different locations. Like this you do have the capacity needed but not concentrated on 1 location. It is also possible to look for a bigger machine.


Two cappuccino at the same time

With the double milk spout you easily make two cappuccinos at the same time. Two latte macchiatos at the same time? No problem for this machine as well.


Fixed water connection as an option

It is possible to order the Jura Giga X8c with a water tank. It is then called Jura Giga X8, without the “c”. Very handy in case there is no water tap nearby.


Easy cleaning

A big advantage of all Jura machines is that the cleaning process works intuitively. In 2 minutes you daily clean the milk system. This is necessary to rinse the fresh milk out of the system. Once every 2 weeks till 1 month, you need to run through the cleaning program. This will take 20 minutes. The only thing you need to do is start the program. The rest is done by the Jura Giga X8c itself.



The new Jura Giga X8c aluminium black has a touch screen. It gives a better overview and the service is even more intuitive. And it also looks great!


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One touch latte macchiato
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