Jura WE8 Professional Dark Inox

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  • 5 to 15 users
  • List price € 1479,- (all prices excl. VAT)
  • Flexible lease € 49,- a month 
  • 3 year lease € 39,- a month
  • 5 year lease € 27,- a month
  • Lease price includes maintenance, milk cooler, excluding installation
  • you drink fair coffee at the office

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The Jura WE8 Dark Inox is an espresso machine from the Jura Business line. With this coffee machine you instantly make an espresso, coffee or latte macchiato. The daily capacity is between 30 till 60 cups of coffee. Therefore it is the perfect machine for companies or departments with about 5 till 15 coffee drinkers.


Leasing of the Jura WE8 Dark Inox 

It is also possible to lease the Jura WE8 Dark Inox. You will pay a monthly fee. The milk cooler and the maintenance are included in the monthly lease. After 6 months you will have one month notice. We are happy to give you this freedom because most of the times clients decide to keep the machine. If you lease the coffee machine you will have to use our coffee during the lease contract. Because this is our main business: our African coffees.


Buying of the Jura WE8 

It is of course also possible to buy this machine with us. You will get a 24 month warranty. If you want to buy the Jura WE8 and you are also going to drink Pure Africa coffee, you will receive a discount on the machine and a replacement machine when your machine needs maintenance

Invest in micro credits

Start something good with your business coffee supply and invest in micro credits. From each kilo of coffee you drink, you will invest 1 euro in micro credits. The loans will be provided to coffee farmers in Rwanda. They suffer from getting loans from local banks and therefore it is not easy for them to buy new land or new crop. If they get a loan with the local bank they have to pay an interest rate of 25% till 40%. With a Pure Africa loan, farmers pay an interest of 6%. This is only to cover the costs of the loan. Learn more about why we invest in micro credits 


Big water tank: 3,2 liters

With the capacity of 3,2 liters, the water tank is suitable for about 25 cups of coffee. When it is empty, you can easily fill it. Most of the times this is only once a day with average usage. The bean reservoir can hold 500 grams of coffee. Click here to learn more about our coffees


Jura WE8 Dark Inox with the P.E.P. system

Do you have colleagues that always drink a double espresso because the coffee is not strong enough? With the new Jura P.E.P technology this problem is solved. This technology will also meet the wishes of the strong coffee drinkers and gives a full coffee flavor. 


Latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button

On the right side of the machine you will find a separate spout for cappuccino and latte macchiato. With a touch of the button the machine will give fraiche milk foam followed by the coffee. Jura is famous for his thick milk foam.


Easy daily cleaning

You will experience no hard time by cleaning all the separate parts. The end of the day you easily start the milk cleaning programma. This programma cleans the milk spout fully automatically in 2 minutes. The best cappuccino with fresh milk with easy cleaning.


24 months of warranty

Also good to know: if you buy the machine, you will receive 24 months of warranty with us. Pure Africa is an official dealer. For all your Jura related questions, you can contact us. If you also drink our Pure Africa coffee, you will also get a replacement machine in the event of a malfunction. 


Jura WE professional series

The Jura WE8 Dark Inox is part of the small business line of the Jura WE series. The other machines in this line are the Jura WE8 Chrome and the Jura WE6 Professional.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Aantal koffierecepten
Aantal koppen per dag
Cappuccino met
Doorlooptijd reiniging
Energiezuininge spaarstand
Garantieperiode in maanden
Inhoud bonenreservoir
Inhoud koffieresidubak
Inhoud waterreservoir
One Touch Cappuccino
One touch latte macchiato
Soort display
Aantal kopjes per zetbeurt
Aantal molens
Land van herkomst
Type koffiemachine
Verwarming water