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Farmers live in poverty because of decades of low coffee prices.

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Improve farmers incomes through direct trade coffee.

We buy straight from coffee farmers without middlemen, we know exactly where are coffee comes from. Together with farmers, we decide on a profitable price. Our starting point is a living income.

Are you a coffee roaster who wants to know the origins of your coffee and what farmers have been paid? We are your green coffee wholesaler for green beans with a transparent chain.


Direct trade & traceability

We build direct relationships with coffee farmers and visit their plantations. Cooperatives report their payments to coffee farmers on the blockchain. Our local colleagues talk to the farmers and check their receipts for actual payments.

Living income

Together with the cooperatives we calculate what a profitable price is. We feel strongly that cooperatives need to be profitable on contracts in order to invest. At the same time we aim to pay farmers a profitable price.

Here’s an example of one of the cooperatives we work with. The price for a living income is around 3,85 euro. We have paid 4,84 euro per kg of coffee.


Long term relationship

For sustainable growth it is important for farmers to have customers. We build long term relationships in which we do not buy just once but return every year. It gives farmers more stability and the appetite for investment improves.

Investment in climate

The future of coffee is threatened by climate change. By paying higher prices to farmers and invest in climate resilience we help to build the coffee plantation of the future. We invest, for example, in shadow trees and intercropping trees.

Better quality

Because we pay profitable prices, farmers have more reason to invest in their plantations. This helps to increase the harvest and improve the quality of coffee. You will benefit from this as a customer.

Price list direct trade green coffee Pure Africa

Do you wish to receive our price list or talk to us about purchasing direct trade green coffee for your business?

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Our partners

We partner with 12 cooperatives

Pure Africa purchases coffee in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Are you interested to know the people behind the cooperatives? Every cooperative has its own unique story.