Jura Claris Pro Blue waterfilter

35,95 excl. BTW

The Jura Claris Pro Blue filter cartridge is suitable for the Jura XJ5, XJ6, XJ9, X3, X7, X8 and X9. The water filter is easy to install and protects against calcification of your coffee machine. This filter extends the life of your coffee machine.


The Jura Claris Pro Blue filter is suitable for the Professional coffee machines from Jura. The water filter ensures that your coffee machine remains lime-free without having to descale. The filter itself indicates when it must be replaced. The Jura Claris Pro Blue filter is easy to place in the water tank of the coffee machine. This filter is suitable for:

  • Jura XJ5 Professional
  • Jura XJ6 Professional
  • Jura XJ9 Professional
  • Jura GIGA X3
  • Jura GIGA X7
  • Jura GIGA X8
  • Jura GIGA X9