Jura GIGA X8c chrome

Do you want to lease the Jura GIGA X8c or buy it? The choice is up to you. No strings attached with Pure Africa, we also give freedom in the sort of contract you would like to select. 

  • 200 cups a day
  • List price € 6090,- (all prices excl. VAT)
  • Flexibel lease € 199,- per month 
  • 3 year lease € 149,- per month
  • 5 year lease € 124,- per month 
  • Lease price includes maintenance, milk cooler. Excluding installation
  • Fair coffee at the office


The Jura GIGA X8c is suitable for office from 30 till 70 employees. More employees? It’s probably wise to place 2 machines in order to spread the coffee dispensing. The Jura X8c is good for 200 cups of coffee a day.


Two coffees at the same time

No matter what your choice is, you can make 2 of the same coffees at the same time. 


The Jura GIGA X8c leasing or buying

It is your choice if you want to lease or buy the machine. If you want to lease the machine we conclude a contract of 6 months, all costs included. After 6 months you can end the contract with one month  notice. During these 6 months we would like to convince you that we have the best coffee tastes. Read more about our coffees. 


Easy in daily maintenance

It will only take you 3 minutes to clean the milk system. Once a week it is wise to extra clean the parts of the milk system. This will only take you 5 minutes. The cleaning of a machine with fresh milk is often easier than machines that use powdered milk. 


This machine is also available in black, same as the Jura GIGA X8c aluminium black.