Expobar Diamond 2 group multiboiler

The Expobar Diamond 2 group is a semi automatic catering industry coffee machine equipped with a double boiler. Perfect to serve your customers.

  • List price from € 8.999,- (excluding VAT)
  • 3 year lease € 169,- per month (excluding VAT)
  • 5 year lease € 129,- per month (excluding VAT)
  • Lease price includes Fiorenzato E64 grinder, 2 times maintenance a year.
  • Excluding installation

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An Expobar coffee machine is a combination of mediterranean precision and Scandinavian quality. This Expobar Diamond 2 group is a real catering industry machine because it is equipped with a double boiler. With this boiler you are always assured of hot water in moments of big business. The perfect temperature is key for a good coffee. It determines the taste of the coffee. And that’s the reason why we at Pure Africa like to work with the machines of Expobar. Reliable and good coffee taste with a competitive price.

It is easy to adjust the temperature of the water. That’s important because temperature is key to make the perfect coffee.