Jura GIGA X3 on watertank

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  • 150 cups a day or 50 coffee drinkers
  • List Price € 4190,- (all prices excl VAT)
  • Flexible lease € 149,- per month
  • 3 year lease € 129,- per month
  • 5 year lease € 89,- per month
  • Lease price includes maintenance and milk cooler, excluding installation

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In 2019 the Jura Giga X3 has had a major update. This is the new coffee machine for offices with a size of 50 employees or 150 cups of coffee a day. It is equipped with a touchscreen and new coffee specialities. The spout is completely renewed and therefore even more easy to clean.This machine is often chosen for offices between 35 and 100 employees. Above 50 employees it is advisable to install 2 machines. With 2 machines you can spread the crowds and you still have 1 working machine if the other machine is temporarily out of order. The new Jura Giga X3 is much quieter than its predecessor. 


Two cappuccinos at the same time

One of the best options of this coffee machine is that you can easily make two cappuccinos or two latte macchiatos at the same time. With the double milk spout this is easily done.


Coffee Machine with big bean reservoir especially for offices

The bean reservoir of the Jura Giga X3 exactly holds 1 bag of coffee, so 1 kilo of beans. This means that you only need to refill the reservoir after a 100 cups of coffee. Perfect for big offices.


Ceramic grinder

Grinding discs are decisive for the quality of the coffee. The Jura Giga X3 has ceramic grinders. It makes sure that the coffee does not burn during grinding. By grinding the coffee extra fine you make the perfect coffee with great taste.


Trail placement of the Jura Giga X3

It is possible to test the Jura Giga X3. We do this for free. Please fill in the above form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Good combination with the new cool control milk cooler

The Jura innovations are aimed at improving the quality of the coffee, the milk foam and the cleaning of the machine. One of their successes is the new Jura Cool control of 1 liter. The cooler can be put in the dishwasher and is easy to fill. Perfect for busy offices with latte art all day long. Watch here the Jura Cool control 1 litre.

If you lease a coffee machine with Pure Africa, the cool control is included in the monthly lease amount. 


Leasing of the Jura Giga X3 coffee machine

It has become much more popular these days to lease a coffee machine. A lot of our clients like the idea of not being the owner of the machine. Leasing of the Jura Giga X3 has the big advantage of not having maintenance costs anymore. If you want a new machine after a couple of years, we can exchange the machine. We can often give this machine a ‘second life’ and you have a brand new machine at your office. 


Speed option for a quick lead time

If you make a coffee with the speed option, the water runs through the machine twice as fast. What mainly happens is that extra water is added to your coffee. Make sure to fine tune the coffee extra strong when using this speed option.

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Weight 18,2 kg
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Inhoud bonenreservoir
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One Touch Cappuccino
One touch latte macchiato
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Type koffiemachine
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