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Coffee originates from Eastern Africa. We source our coffees from Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda.

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De Waaghals

Strong coffee for brave people. De Waaghals is a coffee with a full body and long, intense aftertaste. It is therefore wanted as espresso, lungo and cappuccino. Our battle for fair coffee prices led to a profitable price for the coffee farmers.

Flavour profile:

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De waaghals
De wilderbras
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De wildebras

De Wildebras is an exciting coffee from Rwanda and a bit of robusta from Uganda. Hence the name Wildebras, which means 'wild kid' in Dutch.

Flavour profile:

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De Allemansvriend

De Allemansvriend is a full bodied Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia with an intense smell. That's why coffee connaisseurs love the Sidamo. While drinking this coffee you'll taste rich tones of exotic fruits like mandarin or citrus fruits. The after taste of this coffee is long and intense, marked with tones of chocolate and caramel. Truly recommended!

Flavour profile:
ChocolateChocolateTangerineTangerineCitrus fruitCitrus fruit

De allemansvriend
De vurige krijger
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De Vurige Krijger

De Vurige Krijger is for people who love a strong coffee. The Arabica beans grow in Burundi on volcanic soil. The flavour is nutty and spicy.

Flavour profile:

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De bergkoning

The king of Arabica coffees grows on altitudes close to 2.000 meters. Bergkoning literally means King of the mountains. When examining the quality of our coffees this Limu bean is the finest we have. Deep tones of citrus and chocolate define its taste. The full body and intense aftertaste gives De Bergkoning its royal stature.

Flavour profile:

De bergkoning
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Our coffees

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