Our impact

Our goal: to make micro loans affordable to African entrepreneurs by selling their great coffees in Europe.

The story of Jean Bosco from Rwanda

He is a farmer, living near to the city of Gitarama in the west. His goal is to grow his income through expanding his business. We believe it is exactly size that matters in Rwanda, there are too many smallholder farmers. Jean Bosco plans to buy land and plant a complete new plantation. Part of his loan was invested into hiring an agronomist. Jean Bosco lend 1 million Francs, about €1.000,-. Repayment should be achieved within two years. During this time he will pay approximately €90,- interest which would have been approximately €450,- should he have gone to a normal bank.

De Volkskrant

Pure Africa invests in a fair coffee price

Pure Africa does not just provide micro loans, we are also invested in improving prices for coffee farmers. Read dit artikel about us in De Volkskrant (Dutch).

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What do we do?

Pure Africa invests €1,- out of every sold kilogram in micro loans to African farmers. They use a loan to buy new land, trees or fertilizers.

What do we do?
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Why we do it

  • we willen goede ondernemers helpen hun bedrijf op te bouwen
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  • we try to help eradicate financial inequality
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Pure Africa invests in micro loans

We believe in the strength of entrepreneurship. Pure Africa aims to make a positive impact.

This is how it works