De Vurige Krijger coffee beans 1kg

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De Vurige Krijger means passionate warrior in Dutch. This is a strong coffee with a deep spicy and mocca taste. A very pleasant coffee with a strong body that you will taste for a long time after drinking it. This is a direct trade coffee.

Invest €1,- out of every kg into micro loans to coffee farmers


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Pure Africa is working together with cooperatives in Burundi. We visit the farmers and buy straight from them. That is direct trade coffee. Coffee farmers in Burundi usually receive very low prices for their coffee, let alone a premium. Because we do business with the coffee farmers there is no money lost on middlemen.

Long term partnerships

When we start a partnership our aim is to cooperate for many years. Farmers do not gain much from selling their coffee at a good price once. They must be profitable year on year to earn a decent living and to be able to invest in the plantation.

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Weight 1 kg
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noten, spijs

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Mombasa of Dar es Salaam


100% Arabica

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filtermachine, espressomachine, pistonmachine


single origin


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