De Allemansvriend coffee beans – Sidamo 1 kg

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Allemansvriend means friend of everyone in Dutch. This describes the coffee well because it can be brewed as a very intense espresso as well as a large americano. A quality that not many coffees possess.

When you buy the Allemansvriend we will invest €1,- out of every kilogram into micro finance in order to help smallholder farmers grow their business.

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For espresso, cappuccino and lungo

Coffee beans from the Sidama area in Ethiopia are very suitable for multi purpose use. The coffee features a full body which is helpful when using milk foam. As an espresso the coffee is like chocolate and fruity, perfect flavours for the small Italian brew. The aftertaste of the coffee is another asset. You can taste this coffee long after you drank it as pleasant taste in your mouth.

Sidama coffee beans grow high

In the mountains of Southern Ethiopia the Sidama coffee grows on altitudes of around 1.800 metres. This is one of the reasons why the quality of the coffee is that high. Being hand-picked, these coffee beans are only harvested when ripe. This results in a coffee with little defects.

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