Jura WE6 Professional Piano Black

Are you looking for a coffee machine at work with only normal coffee as an option? The Jura WE6 Professional is then the perfect solution for offices till 15 employees. It is stylish, small and can make till 60 cups of coffee, espresso or ristretto a day.

  • 5 – 15 users
  • Flexible lease € 55,- per month 
  • 3 year lease € 39,- per month 
  • 5 year lease € 32,- per month
  • Lease price includes maintenance, excluding installation
  • Fair coffee at the office

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The Jura WE Professional is a coffee machine for the office that only makes coffee and espresso. You can use it till 60 cups a day. The water tank holds 3 liters of water, good for about 25 cups of coffee. Filling the tanks twice a day is an easy thing to do. The coffee collector holds the coffee residue of 25 cups of coffee.


Leasing of the Jura WE6

You can also lease the Jura WE6 with Pure Africa. Of course the Pure Africa style. We assume it is a conscious choice to choose for us and therefore you would like to lease a machine. If you like our coffee, we don’t need long contracts. That’s why you are only attached to the contract for 6 months. After that you can end the contract on a monthly basis. You can already lease the Jura WE6 for € 39,- a month, excluding VAT and including maintenance. 


Perfect espresso machine

For the lovers of espresso, the Jura WE6 is the perfect coffee machine. A lot of people drink a double espresso at the office because they like strong coffee. With the P.E.P (pulse extraction Process) from Jura you really make your colleagues happy. Your espresso will be full of taste and can barely be distinguished from an espresso from a professional barista.


Easy in maintenance

For a coffee machine at the office it is important to keep maintenance simple and easy to do. Everyone at the office should be able to do small maintenance and cleaning. Based on the number of coffees you drink at the office, cleaning of the machine needs to be done once per two weeks. The Jura WE6 will tell you this when this is needed. One cleaning tablet in the espresso machine, press start and the machine will do the work. After 20 minutes the machine will be completely clean from the inside and ready to use again.


Warranty on the Jura WE6

The warranty on the Jura WE6 is 25 months (but only if the machines is used the right way and is not overloaded).