Jura WE8 Professional Chrome

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  • 5-15 users
  • List Price € 1560,- a month (all prices excl VAT)
  • Flexible lease € 70,- per month
  • 3 year lease € 49,- per month
  • 5 year lease € 35,- per month
  • Lease price includes maintenance and milk cooler, excluding installation
  • Fair coffee at the office

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The Jura WE8 is perfect for offices with 5 till 20 coffee drinkers. At the touch of a button you easily make coffee, espresso, cappuccino and a latte macchiato. The cappuccino and latte macchiato are made of fresh milk so you will get the best quality of milk foam and the best taste of a cappuccino or latte.

Big in capacity

This business espresso machine looks like the Jura E8 line and is therefore connected with this type of machine. The main difference is that the WE8 is bigger and has a larger capacity.

It has a water tank of 3 liters and the receptacle can hold the coffee grounds of 25 cups of coffee. In the bean reservoir you hold half a kilo of fresh beans. 

At the touch of a button you can make a cappuccino with soft full milk foam

Jura WE8 lease

It is possible to lease the Jura WE8. We rather have a long relation with our customers than long contracts. Therefore the contract is only 6 months and after that you can end the contract with only one month notice. We do this because the reality is that nearly all our clients are still very happy with the machine and the coffee after 6 months. The lease price includes maintenance and even includes the milk cooler. This priced is based on our Pure Africa coffee purchase. Because that’s the main reason for us: our coffees 


Outstanding in quality

Jura is know for the outstanding quality of the milky foam for cappuccino and latte macchiato. Together with the new Aroma G3 grinder, you easily make the perfect coffee specialties with milk. Also the espresso lover will like this machine. The new P.E.P. (Pulse Extraction Process) makes sure the espresso is barista quality. Because the water often comes in contact with the coffee, there is more taste in the coffee and it makes the espresso spicier.


The Jura WE8 for you company?

The Jura WE8 is the best option for you company if:

  • you make 20 till 60 coffees a day
  • if you like to make espresso, coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato
  • quality is key in your decision for a new coffee machine


Invest in micro credits

Start something good with your business coffee supply and invest in micro credits. From each kilo of coffee you drink, you will invest 1 euro in micro credits. The loans will be provided to coffee farmers in Rwanda. They suffer from getting loans from local banks and therefore it is not easy for them to buy new land of new crop. If they get a loan with the local bank they have to pay an interest rate of 25% till 40%. With a Pure Africa loan, farmers pay an interest of 6% to cover the costs of the loan.Learn more about why we invest in micro credits


Maintenance of the machine

And espresso machine with fresh beans always comes with some maintenance. You work with a fresh product and freshwater. With the Jura WE8 you also use fresh milk. Jura masters simplification of the maintenance. The daily maintenance is the cleaning of the milk system. You only need to do this on days the milk system is used. The inside cleaning is done by the machine itself, you only need to press the buttons. Based on usage, the machines needs cleaning once every 2 weeks. You put 1 tablet in the machine and press start. After 20 minutes the machine is ready to make a nice coffee again. While the machine is cleaning you don’t need to stay with the machine. 


Whether or not to opt for maintenance of the machine

This depends on the usage. If you make 20 till 40 coffee a day, then we advise you not to close the maintenance contract. Above 40 cups a day it offers convenience. We are happy to advise you for your specific situation. Please contact us on: 030-2273498