Jura glass milk cup

24,90 excl. BTW

With this glass milk cup for your Jura coffee machine you will never have to put a milk carton next to your machine again. You can foam milk in style. As you are used to from Jura, design and ease of use go well together.

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The Jura glass milk cup is a great way to complete your coffee machine in the kitchen. The picture is complete with this milk cup.

Easy in use

You simply connect the silicone hose for the milk to the milk cup and then remove it again. The Jura glass milk cup is suitable for the dishwasher. You can cool the milk in the refrigerator. You take the milk cup out of the fridge and place it next to your Jura espresso machine.

Luxury materials

Glass and tasteless aluminum have been used for an optimal cappuccino or latte macchiato.