Jura GIGA X8 chrome

Meet the Jura GIGA X8 chrome. With one touch of the button you make 2 espressos or cappuccinos at the same time. All in a short time because the Jura GiGA X8 chrome has a double grinder. It’s also available as the Jura GIGA X8 aluminium black.

  • 200 cups a day
  • List price € 5965,- (all prices excl. VAT)
  • Flexibel lease € 199,- per month
  • 3 year lease € 129,- per month 
  • 5 year lease € 88,- per month
  • Lease price includes maintenance, milk cooler. Excluding installation
  • Fair coffee at the office


The grinders are attached in the inside of the machine and therefore the machine is very quiet. Therefore you can easily install this machine in an open space. Would you like to test it? Please fill in the form and request for a trail placement. 


Lease the Jura GIGA X8 Chrome

Do you like to have flexibility in the monthly payment? Perfect! We rather have a long relationship with you, than a long contract. After six months you can end the contract with one month notice. 


The best espresso

Are you looking for for the best espresso and a fully automatic espresso machine? This machine is perfect for you. All new Jura machines are equipped with the P.E.P system. This systems makes sure the best coffee taste comes forward. 


Cleaning of the machine

By choosing a business coffee machine cleaning is always an important subject. In this area Jura is very innovative The cleaning of the GIGA X8 is very easy to maintain. The cleaning of the milk system has become even more easy. The daily cleaning program is completely automated.