Ascaso Barista T Plus 2 group

The Ascaso Barista T plus is perfect for offices and catering industry.

  • List Price starts at € 5500,- (all prices excl VAT)
  • 3 year lease from € 149,- per month
  • 5 year lease from € 109,- per month
  • including Fiorenzato E64 grinder and two maintenance services per year
  • excluding installation
  • Available in white, aluminium and black


We pay a lot attention these days to make a nice coffee at the office. The Ascaso Barista T plus is therefore perfect for offices and catering industry where you would like to serve a nice coffee with something extra. With his 2 groups you can easily make 100 cups of coffee an hour. 

Next to the technical novelties we are very enthusiastic about the design of the Ascaso Barista T Plus, It is a real eye catcher with the combination of aluminium and wood. The machine is so versatile that we just quickly name his characteristics: temperature precision, sustainable, uses fresh water for each cup of coffee and a seperate steam boiler. If you would like to learn more about all his characteristics we are more than happy to explain you everything. Please contact us so we can discuss if the Ascaso Barista T plus is the right machine for you.