Expobar Diamond 3 group multiboiler

The Expobar Diamond 3 group is an espresso machine for intense usage in catering industry.

  • List price € 10.599,- (excluding VAT)
  • 3 year lease € 199,- per month (excluding VAT)
  • 5 year lease € 139,- per month (excluding VAT)
  • Lease price includes Fiorenzato E64 grinder, 2 times maintenance a year
  • Excluding installation


The Expobar Diamond 3 group multi boiler is perfect for bars and restaurants in need of large capacity.

Each group is equipped with his own boiler. In this boiler the water always has the right temperature and always ready to make a perfect cup of coffee. Next to this it also has a boiler with a capacity of no less than 17,5 liters. This boiler makes sure that all the groups are supplied with preheated water and makes steam and hot water for tea.

In short a machine with big capacity. 


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