Pure Africa 2 x bag 60 kg green coffee Juru

850,20 excl. BTW

One of the best coffees from eastern Rwanda comes from Juru cooperative. The farmers in this area grow a very constant quality of good coffee under harsh financial conditions. Pure Africa pays Juru farmers $5 per kg of green coffee. That is a lot more than the average $2,20. We believe that we can only enjoy a good cup of coffee when we know that the farmers who grew it have been paid their fair share.


The shipment of the coffee is not included. You can pick up the coffee or let us arrange shipment for you.

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Grading the green coffee

Description Score
Aroma 7
Flavour 7.25
Aftertaste 7
Acidity 7.5
Body 7.5
Balance 7.5
Overall 7.5
Total score 82.25