Pure Africa 2 x bag 60 kg green coffee Sholi

850,20 excl. BTW

€6,50 per kg

Green coffee from Sholi cooperative in west Rwanda. The cupping score is 82.5. The coffee is characterised by tones of cassis, pepper, forest fruit, lavender and cocoa.

Twice the world market price

Per kilogram of coffee we have paid Sholi $5. That’s $2,80 more than the world market price for Arabica coffees. We are convinced that coffee revenues should be shared equally. Only then, we can assure financially stable cooperatives and a steady supply of high quality coffee.

From the revenues, the farmers receive a first payment, Sholi pays for processing parchment coffee and getting the coffee ready for exports. They also pay their farmers a premium. Sholi is a cooperative that actively invests in new technologies. Last year, a new drying tent was constructed at the washing station in order to dry coffee more efficiently and quicker.

The price shown is for two bags of coffee. You can pick up the coffee yourself or let us arrange shipment for you.

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Grading the green coffee

Description Score
Aroma 7.5
Flavour 7.75
Aftertaste 7.5
Acidity 7.25
Body 7.5
Balance 7.5
Overall 7.5
Total score 82.5