10/04/2020 - Microkredieten

Jean de Dieu Bizimana | coffee plantation | € 1000

The loan has been provided to him a day before we visit Jean de Dieu. So we ask him how he is planning to invest the money. Jean de Dieu signed up fo a €1000 loan. His goal is to expand his plantation from 300 to 900 coffee trees.

Jean de Dieu Bizimana | coffee plantation | € 1000

Young entrepreneur, good coffee

Two things stand out about Jean and his plantation. He is 35 and that makes him a relatively young entrepreneur. What’s more, the picture below is proof of a healthy plantation. This is something that stands out for this region in general. The knowledge level here seems to be higher than in some of the other areas.

Jean is a young coffee farmer in Rwanda
Good looking coffee cherries

Monthly income: € 250,-

There is no doubt that Jean is going to pay back the loan. His monthly income is € 250 which comes from his shop which is free of debt. His monthly income enables him to pay off the loan within a year, right after the next harvest. Let see if he can make this happen!

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