Pure Africa 2 x bag 60 kg green coffee Nova

850,20 excl. BTW

In 2020, we first visited Nova Coffee. Right from the start, we were struck by the sense of entrepreneurship and social involvement of Nova. Some samples were handpicked for us to test. The taste of the coffee amazed us and we decided to add Nova to our assortment. In part for the taste and in part for the social goals that Nova pursues.

Nova is constantly trying to improve the environment for farmers so that they can grow better coffee and produce higher yields. Nova also focuses on female farmers, trying to include them. We at Pure Africa pay Nova $5 per kg, which is more than double the average price of $2,20. This helps Nova to stay profitable, pay their farmers a premium and invest in quality and production.


The shipment of the coffee is not included. You can pick up the coffee or let us arrange shipment for you.

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Grading the green coffee

Description Score
Aroma 7.5
Flavour 7.5
Aftertaste 7.5
Acidity 7.5
Body 7.25
Balance 7.75
Overall 7.75
Total score 82.75