Jura X10 Platinum Professional

The Jura X10 is designed for the business market and is the perfect machine for offices. The machine is suitable for 10 till 30 users.

  • 10 – 30 users or 100 cups a day
  • List price € 2810,- (all prices excl. VAT)
  • Flexibel lease € 119,- per month 
  • 3 year lease € 74,- per month
  • 5 year lease € 55,- per month
  • Lease price includes maintenance, milk cooler. Excluding installation
  • Fair coffee at the office

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The last years the Jura coffee machines came with a lot of innovations for both business and consumer market.We often deliver the Jura X10 Platina in combination with our coffee. Not because it is mandatory but clients appreciate our philosophy. From each kilo of coffee you drink, we invest 1 euro in micro credits that we offer to coffee farmers. It is our mission to pay the farmer a good price for each sold kilo of coffee. Learn more about our coffees.


Two cappuccino at the same time

With one press of the button you can make 2 cappuccinos with fresh milk foam The unique micro foam technology of the Jura X10 makes within a minute the perfect thick milk foam. Same of course for ar latte macchiato.


Maintenance within the monthly lease price

If you choose to lease the Jura X10, maintenance is included in the monthly lease price. You buy our coffee beans and the type of contract is your choice.


100 cups of coffee a day with the Jura X10

This machine is suitable for 100 cups of coffee a day. We recommend you to use this machine if you need coffee for 10 till 30 people. Above 30, it is a good idea to take a look at the Jura GIGA X3.


Easy cleaning of the milk system

The milk system of the Jura X10 Platinum is very easy to clean. It goes fully automatic and only takes you 2 minutes. If needed can you easily access the milk spout as it is only attached with a magnet.


The Jura X10 is made in Switzerland

Attention to detail is very important for Jura. The Swiss brand constantly develops the machines. The drive to be sustainable and the high quality perfectly suits the Pure Africa philosophy.


Lease or buy the Jura X10

It is your choice if you want to lease or buy the Jura X10. You can choose for a flexible lease contract or for the period of 5 years. If you buy the machine you are not obligated to buy our coffee but we assume you choose for us for the excellent taste of our coffees 😉